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Evolution from Naturlandia to Naturland

The beginnings of the La Rabassa Snow Camp date back to 1994, with the first 5 km of cross-country ski runs. Between 1995 and 1996, the Rabassa cross-country ski resort was expanded with 10 km more slopes and facilities such as the resort chalet were built. Subsequently, a park of snow slides and warehouses for machinery and equipment are built. There will be road access and parking to park visitors ’vehicles until the year 2000, when the special management plan for the La Rabassa Snow Camp is finally created.

At the same time, the facilities at elevation 1600 were built as the headquarters of the shooting discipline of the Games of the Small States of 1991. Facilities that for a few years were underused.

During 2007, the toboggan run named tobotronc was built, which was inaugurated in February 2008, kicking off the Naturlandia brand (currently NATURLAND), which connected the La Rabassa snow field with the facilities of the La Rabassa shooting range. 1600.

With the creation of Naturlandia, different activities have been developed around the two sectors to become a reference for natural leisure in the country.

The trajectory of Naturlandia reaches to date where we give a new start with a new brand, NATURLAND, which is a consequence of the evolution of the markets, the needs and demands of customers and the sustainable development that demands the environment.

Diversity, effectiveness and professionalism.

Naturland Team

We work by department, but they’re all coordinated. Each person brings added value to the team and we want each worker to be involved in this new stage, framed by the birth of a new image and brand.

The company's policy is for each worker to have their say, which will always be heard. We want to provide the best customer service and together offer the best experience to each of the visitors we have.


Commitment to the environment

In the global project of Naturland, the environment occupies a prominent place, since the company reinvents itself every year in order to guarantee activities and services that have the minimum impact on our ecosystem.


Clearly, the future depends on responsibility for the environment, which is our strength and the best scenario we can have.


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